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11/27/2016 We are looking for several volunteers to assist in placing the Christmas Decorations on the entrances again this year. The POA has several wreaths, garlands and other Christmas decorations for the entrances. The POA can also purchase some additional items in otder to kick the display up a notch for the season!

Dan Ernst @ 512-809-2013 or

On another note...
The Christmas season is in full swing and and unfortunately the criminals are not taking any holiday time off this year. A few tips to help avoid being a target for crime include:

1. Always lock your home's doors and windows, even if you are at home.

2. When leaving town for an extended period, have a trusted friend,neighbor or family member take care of your home. Ask them to pick up your mail, newspapers and other deliveries.

3. Notify your police department when you are planning an extended absence, and they will routinely check your property. Also, do not tell strangers that you will be away.
You should neither leave notes on your door nor messages on your answering machine, detailing your schedule or return.

4. Avoid displaying gifts where they can be seen from outside your home through a window or doorway. Leave burglars guessing at what they will find and where to find them.

5. If possible, have packages delivered to a neighbor if you are not home. Deliveries left outside are easily stolen by thieves, and they also draw unwanted attention to your home.

6. Elaborate and or expensive outdoor Christmas decorations are often stolen right from your property. You should consider installing simpler and cheaper outside decorations.

7. Do not decorate your windows to the point that your view to the outside of your home is obscured. You need a clear view of your property.

8. Dispose of packaging for expensive items discreetly. Thieves can spot something you have discarded and target your home for their next burglary or theft.
For example, when you make large purchases, do not leave the empty boxes on the curb. Break them down and place them on the bottom of your trash pile on the day of pickup.

9. Be alert to the UPS and Fed Ex trucks dropping off packages and moving on quickly. There have been reports of vehicles following these package delivery trucks, waiting a few minutes and then running up to the doors and stealing the packages right off the porch! Do not attempt to intervene but instead CALL 911 and give a description of the vehicle and a license plate if possible. Do not put yourself in jeopardy but instead allow law enforcement to take the immediate action!
Remember YOU ARE THE EYES AND EARS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH! Call 911 immediately if you see someone suspicious.

If you are going out of town for the holidays you can file a Close Patrol by the Travis County Sheriffs Office by clicking on the link CLOSE PATROL REQUEST

10/25/2016 The Stoneridge National Night Out on October 4th, was again another great success. It was wonderful to meet so many of our neighbors and really get a feel for how we can come together and make Stoneridge a great place to live. Thanks to the Marcyes Real Estate Team for sponsoring this event again this year and providing and cooking all of the food. Many new ideas came to the attention of the POAboard, including the formation of a Stoneridge Facebook Page. A BIG Thank you to neighbor Megan Dzialo for establishing our first Stoneridge Facebook page!
The Stoneridge Homeowner's Association now has a Stoneridge Facebook . This group is a great way to connect with neighbors, organize events, find babysitters, sell/swap things, borrow tools/equipment, organize play dates, and, in a general way, build community to keep our neighborhood safe. Complaints regarding another property or neighbor will not be allowed. You must have a Facebook account to join. You can join today at:

9/06/2016 Bring your family to the Texas National Night Out celebration on Tuesday, Oct. 4th at 6:30 p.m. at the south Bescott cul-de-sac, near the greenbelt. There will be a jump house and games for the kids,and visits by local law enforcement Sheriff and Constables. Of course the Pflugerville Fire Department will make a drive by. Always a crowd pleaser! Who doesn't like a fire truck siren!!This is a great opportunity to come out and meet the neighbors and enjoy a few hours of neighborhood camaraderie. The menu is grilled hot dogs and sausage wraps, chips, cookies, fruit, and cold drinks.Report to the area at 6 p.m. if you would like to help with the set up.This years celebration is being sponsored by our own Stoneridge residents Steve and Tonna Marcyes,- The Marcyes Real Estate Team. Don't forget to bring your own chair and bug spray. Come meet your neighborhood and make a difference in the fight against crime!!!

Please call or text Tonna at (512) 657-1838, if you can help with set-up or clean-up.

National Night Out is designed to:
  1. Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness.
  2. Generate support and participation in crime efforts.
  3. Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community relations.
  4. Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

9/05/2016 The Website has been updated and the Link Page has been repaired. Check out our Stoneridge Link Page to see what the latest information is at our Neighborhood Schools and the WB Neighborhood Association. Do you have a business that would like an ad to be placed in the Stoneridge POA Classifieds. There is no charge for the service. It is the POA's way of sharing our members business's with all of our neighbors! Please contact the website- for information and details.

Reminder that Monthly Clean up at the MUD is this Saturday September10th.

Monthly Bulk Trash Collection

The second Saturday of EACH month, Wells Branch residents have the opportunity to discard their unwanted bulky items. Dumpsters will be available at the Maintenance Office at 13905 Thermal Drive. The hours for drop off are 8am – 5pm (We will close when the dumpsters are filled or 5pm at the latest, so come out early.) .

Items that may NOT be discarded in the dumpsters at our facility:



Freon Containing Devices
Computers/TV's Water Heaters Chemicals/Pesticides

6/20/2016 The Board of Directors of Stoneridge welcomes our newest member of the Board. Tonna Marcyes. Tonna and her husband Steve have been a homeowners of the Stoneridge neighborhood for more than 20 years and she brings a great deal of experience to the Board. She is both an RN and an active Austin Realtor that is very interested in supporting and maintaining our wonderful neighborhood of Stoneridge and Wells Branch. Previous Board member,Dan Ernst, has retired from the Board of Directors but will continue to serve as a volunteer member of both the communication and landscape committees of Stoneridge. May 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes .

Remember YOU ARE THE EYES AND EARS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH! Call 911 immediately if you see someone suspicious.

6/10/2016 In the recent weeks, the Travis County Sheriff's Office has discovered multiple illegal devices used to steal credit card information, known as credit card skimmers, concealed at two gas stations throughout the Austin-area. Detectives found two skimmers at one gas station in Wells Branch and at one station on on Highway 71 in Southwest Travis County. Roger Wade, a spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff's Office, says the department is not putting the word out about specific stations in order to protect the businesses' reputations.An internal credit card skimmer attached inside the pump. Wade says the department inspected about 60 gas stations within the county in a proactive search effort to discover the skimming devices. While deputies did not locate any skimmers initially, they left business owners with information about what to look for. Since that time, the department found three illegal devices, at least one of which the department attributes to the outreach to the stations.
Skimmers are mostly internal devices that work off Bluetooth, which requires the suspects to come back to download the illegally obtained card information.
To avoid being a victim of credit card theft, consumers are urged to pay inside and to notify the gas station if the card reader is loose, which could potentially mean the device has been tampered with. Wade also advises against the use of debit cards at the pump, as scammers are able to obtain pin numbers and drain individual accounts.

5/11/2016 Hello Neighbors We are having a very serious problem with mailbox vandalism in our community. In the past few weeks several mailbox and parcel boxes have been forcibly opened.from the cluster mailboxes on Rose Pavonia Drive. A significant percentage of our neighbors rarely retrieve mail daily from their mail or parcel boxes. Please retrieve your mail often! If there is not mail to steal, there is not an incentive to keep coming back to break into more boxes.
If you see suspicious activity report to the police 911 immediately
There have been other reports of similar mailbox thefts from other areas of Wells Branch, Scofield Farms, Northwood and Bratten Park
The following is from our Postal Inspector: If you have any additional information concerning the Stoneridge mailbox thefts, please contact our office. I apologize for the inconvenience this event has caused. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the law enforcement branch of the U.S. Postal Service, was recently notified of mail theft activity in the Wells Branch area. Mail Theft is a federal crime under 18 USC, Section 1708, Theft or Possession of Stolen Mail. If you have been a victim of mail theft or have any information concerning this crime, please contact me at (512) 342-1563.
We also offer the following suggestions to protect your mail.
*Deposit outgoing mail in a blue collection box, at a Post Office, or by handing it directly to your letter carrier.
*Never leave mail in your mailbox overnight-that's when thieves usually attack.
*If you see suspicious activity around your mailbox, call local police and Postal Inspectors.

The Annual Meeting was held on May 10th at the Wells Branch Library. Although the meeting was lightly attended, several ideas and concerns were brought forward to the Board. If there are immediate concerns,as always please contact The Bishop Company at 512-451-6491.

3/29/2016 The Stoneridge POA will be holding the Association's Annual Meeting on May 10, 2016, 7:30pm at the Wells Branch Community Library. Various items to be discussed will include the financial summary of the Association, landscaping and other neighborhood issues. Agenda Annual Meeting 2016. The Annual Election of Officers will also be held during the meeting. All current property owners are encouraged to participate in the Election of Officers. If any property owner is interested in serving as a Board Director (3) or as an Officer of the Association, please contact the website- or Board President in order to be placed on the ballot. All property owners are encouraged to participate and make a difference in our neighborhood.

2-25-2016 The Spring Improvement season is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan for the upgrading of fences and property for the upcoming year. In order to respond in a more timely manner, the Association has now adopted a Web Based Approval Method for Architectural Improvement. You can download and print the Request for Architectural Improvement and submit by postal mail, Fax or E-mail The Bishop Company. The request will be forwarded to the ENTIRE POA Board for comments and prompt consideration. The intent is for the Board to comment and respond to your request for improvements in a timely fashion. *Please note that the approval process cannot be completed on an immediate basis. It probably will be considered sooner, but please allow 10-14 days for completion of the full approval process. If you are unsure of the Deed Restriction and Covenants for your area, please click on our Archtect.Cmte link on the web site

1-25-2016 The 2016 Stoneridge POA Annual Budget has been approved. This is the POA budget for the Fiscal Year 2016. Only minor changes were required from last years budget. The Stoneridge POA Board continually monitors the budget each month to make sure every dollar of dues is spent according to the approved budget. This is what pays to keep the POA working for all of us. A reminder that The Bishop Company is the Associations management for the Association. All concerns regarding dues and other enquires can be addressed to
The Bishop Company. or via The Bishop company tab on our website. All Stoneridge Board members and Officers continue to serve as always in a volunteer capacity and are NOT paid for their services to the Association.

12-28-2015 The Bishop Company will be mailing out the payment coupons for 2016. Please keep them available to make payments monthly, quarterly or annually. Contact the Bishop Company (see tab) if you do not received yours. The Stoneridge POA appreciates that members dues are paid in a timely manner, so that our Association can meet their financial obligations for the things we enjoy in the neighborhood.

Thanks again to Steve and Tonna Marcyes for sponsoring this years Crimewatch National Night Out. And of course to Linda Jackson and Kevin Ward for arranging the festivities and fun house for the kids!!!

8/15/2015What is a Property Owners Association? The POA is a membership of homeowners that is responsible for the enforcement of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the properties in the Stoneridge neighborhood. The goal of the POA is to enhance the appearance of our neighborhood and maintain property values. The POA Property Management company unfortunately has been working overtime the last few weeks dealing with the enforcement of our Deed and Restrictive Covenants. This is the document that EVERY property owner received when closing on the sale of their property and legally signed and agreed to follow. A copy of these are on the Architectural Committee link on this website to review. The problem as of late, is that many of the properties are not occupied by their owners and their tenants are not complying with these covenants.
It remains the property owners responsibility to maintain and enforce these guidelines on their tenants! If the renter does not follow the deed restrictions, the property owners will be contacted to notify their tenants to correct the situation immediately. The owner will be always remain responsible for all actions that occur on their property. The POA's goal is voluntary compliance, but ignoring the acts will result in fines and legal action to enforce compliance. Help us to continue to maintain our neighborhood as a wonderful place for all to live.

7-8-2015 The Stoneridge POA Annual Meeting was held on May 5th 2015 at the Wells Branch Community Library. Several items were discussed including the 2015-2016 Annual Budget. The budget was reviewed and approved as submitted. The 2014-2015 current board of directors were placed in nomination and reelected by the membership present at the annual meeting. The Directors for the Association will serve for the 2015-2016 term and will still remain in an entirely volunteer and unpaid positions. The Minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting are now posted on the website

5-1-2015 The Stoneridge POA will be holding the Association's Annual Meeting on May 5, 2015, 6:30pm at the Wells Branch Community Library. Various items to be discussed will include the financial summary of the Association, landscaping and other neighborhood issues. Agenda Annual Meeting 2015. The Annual Election of Officers will also be held during the meeting. All current property owners are encouraged to participate in the Election of Officers. If any property owner is interested in serving as a Board Director (3) or as an Officer of the Association, please contact the website- or Board President in order to be placed on the ballot. All property owners are encouraged to participate and make a difference in our neighborhood.

3/28/2015 Spring has sprung and the last freeze is in the past. Now is the time to get the lawns and flower beds into shape. Now is the time to put out the non toxic weed prevention to control those noxious dandelions,crabgrass and other noxious lawn villains. See our landscape tab for tips on the latest ways to tune up the lawns and trees before the heat of spring and summer. The Stoneridge Landscape committee had a meeting with the Proscape, the POA landscaper to discuss improvements to our common areas. The committee has recommended that the lighted entrance beds be returned to the original landscape architect's design. Many of the old and woody plants will be removed and the beds replanted with the perennials that were originally installed. The trees on the common area have all been pruned and lifted and the beds are being mulch. Expect some positive changes over the next few weeks.


NNO2014 NNO 2014


6/22/2015To report coyote sightings, especially aggressive behavior toward people or pets, CALL 311 The information gathered through 3-1-1 will be relayed to Texas Wildlife Services for response/follow-up.
CALL 9-1-1 to report a coyote attack on a human.

The coyotes are back. There have been several sightings of a coyotes on Bescott Drive. According to a research articles regarding urban coyote population ,coyote packs generally consist of a breeding pair and 1-2 associates (young of previous years) who stay to help raise the current pups. Although many coyotes live in packs, they frequently travel singly or in pairs. Coyotes in urban/suburban areas generally have smaller home ranges than their rural counterparts.
Coyotes in suburban environments were mostly active during dawn, dusk and especially at night. In urban/suburban areas, coyotes frequently travel along power lines,dirt roads, and railroad tracks. They also hunt and travel in altered areas such as golf courses, creekbeds, and dumps. Neighborhoods that bordered natural areas or altered areas were used on an especially frequent basis. Coyotes always slept in wooded/natural areas or remote altered areas during the day, but they were often within 50 m (164 ft) of a house.

Although the risks to human attack is very low, since most coyotes will generally avoid human contact. But since they area predator animal in search of food source, the contact with the cat population remains a issue. Researchers in Arizona (Grubbs and Krausman 2009) found that coyotes killed the largest number of cats (68%) during the pup rearing season (May-August.

Coyotes in Central Texas

Coyote sightings happen throughout all of Travis County, and their continued urbanization has caused an increase in interactions with humans.

If You See a Coyote

To report coyote sightings, especially aggressive behavior toward people or pets, CALL 3-1-1. The information gathered through 3-1-1 will be relayed to Texas Wildlife Services for response/follow-up.
CALL 9-1-1 to report a coyote attack on a human.

Where are Coyotes

Coyote sightings near greenbelts in Travis County are increasing as the adaptable animals discover that an urban environment provides many sources of food. Coyotes have adjusted to the human population expansion of Travis County, and have already dispersed into the developed urban landscape where they tend to thrive.

No Fear

The most serious problem with the urbanization of coyotes is that they adapt to being around people. As they lose their fear, coyotes become bolder in approaching people and may put themselves in hazardous situations they would normally avoid.

Coyotes are active mainly during the nighttime, but they can be moving at any time during the day. Most sightings of coyotes occur during the hours close to sunrise and sunset.

The abundance of food regulates coyote numbers, reproduction, survival, dispersal and territories.

In the wild, coyotes generally have home ranges of 3 to 16 square miles. But in suburban areas, where resources are plentiful, coyotes may need only 1/4 to 1/2 square mile. This can lead to large coyote populations, increasing the chance of contact with humans.

OMG!!OMG!! I received a notice from the Stoneridge Property Owners Association that I am in violation of the POA deed restrictions. What am I going to do??

First of all, follow these few easy steps.
1. Take a deep breath. It is not the end of the world as you know it.
2. Look at the request for the remedy of the violation. Most of the time it is something as simple as moving a trailer or boat or maybe just the repair of a section of fence that is falling apart.
3. You can click on the Architectural Cmte tab/link on this web site and look at the Deed Restrictions for yourself. They are fairly clear on what constitutes a violation.
4. Be reasonable. The POA just wants to make our neighborhood maintain its charm and property values.
What NOT to do.
1. Get upset and lose control. Many violations may be the complaints received from other property owners in the neighborhood. The POA does not disclose sources of complaints, but will certainly assess the situation in order to assure that the concern is valid, prior to a letter even being sent to the homeowner.
2. Don't call The Bishop Company and curse at the secretary or Ms.. Bishop. They are only the messengers for the neighbors and property owners. BUT they will reasonably discuss the violation and suggest a remedy. The fine structure in the violation notice is only in place in order for the POA to enforce property owners that refuse to abide the Restriction Agreements that all of us signed when the property was purchased. Owners are still responsible for their rental tenants behavior too
3. Don't try to compare your trailer or fence with the crummy fence down the street. Very likely they also have received a notice too. A violation is still a violation even if it is "almost as crummy".
Again, it is not the end of the world. The POA will certainly entertain any reasonable request for remediation time line due to extenuating circumstances. The POA's goal in not to collect a single dollar in fines, but instead to encourage the homeowners to maintain their property according to the rules. Everyone in the neighborhood has to follow the same guidelines.


Stoneridge and Wells Branch has adopted Stage 2 Drought Restrictions - Mandatory 2-Day Watering Schedule

 During Stage 2, landscape irrigation will be limited to Designated Outdoor Watering Days before 10:00 am and after 7:00 pm except with handheld hoses with a pistol grip or other device that shuts off water flow. These time restrictions will not apply to irrigation of new landscape installation during installation and for 10 days thereafter, and testing of new irrigation systems or existing irrigation systems under repair.

Designated Outdoor Watering Days:

  • For residential customers with street addresses ending in an even number (0, 2, 4, 6 or 8) and locations without addresses: Sundays and Thursdays.
  • For residential customers with street addresses ending in an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9): Saturdays and Wednesdays.
  • For commercial customers and apartment complexes: Tuesdays and Fridays

Washing of automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, trailers, other vehicles is permitted on Designated Outdoor Watering Days before 10:00 am and after 7:00 pm. Such washing, when permitted, must be done with a hand-held bucket or with a hose equipped with a positive shut-off valve. This restriction does not apply to individual vehicles washed on the immediate premises of a commercial car wash or commercial service station. Charity car washes are prohibited.

The use of water to fill, refill or add to any indoor or outdoor swimming pools, wading pools, or Jacuzzi-type pools is prohibited except on Designated Outdoor Watering Days before 10:00 am and after 7:00 pm.

Restaurants are prohibited from serving water to their patrons except upon request.

If residents have any questions, please contact the Crossroads Utility Services at 512-246-1400,

7-16-2013 Just a reminder that Wells Branch and Stoneridge still remain on Stage 1 Watering Restrictions.
Wells Branch residents and business are requested to voluntarily reduce their water usage. By limiting or discontinuing non-essential water consumption we hope to achieve a 5% reduction in average daily water usage. All residents are requested to voluntarily conserve water in accordance with the Stage 1 Watering Restrictions
Click on the Stoneridge Landscape tab and look at the Growing tips for several effective ways to water your landscape well while conserving this precious resource.

The Wells Branch MUD also encourages residents to participate in the Single Stream Recycle Program
. It's the future for responsible resource conservation and an important step toward meeting Wells Branch's goal to being a Green community. Single-stream recycling makes it almost as easy to use the recycling cart as it is to use the trash cart, so there's no excuse for not recycling. It also creates a significant opportunity for the community to get a lot closer to their waste reduction goals through this revolutionary new system: Single Stream Recycling.
What day of the week and time will my Recycling be picked up?
Click on the link below to see the week that your recycling will be picked up.
2013 Recycle Pickup Calender

4-30-2013Many of our neighbors have recently received a notice in the mail from the Texas Department of Public Safety, regarding a moderate risk sex offender living in our neighborhood. Though it is not our intent to alarm the neighborhood, we thought it would be appropriate to be aware and vigilant for our neighborhoods safety. We have provided a link that you may review here at Texas Department of Safety Sex Offender Registry . It may be noted that several sex offenders are living within 1 mile of our Stoneridge neighborhood in nearby areas of Wells Branch. A complete listing may be obtained from the DPS website link of Sex Offenders in 78728 zipcode The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program ( Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure ) is a sex offender registration and public notification law designed to protect the public from sex offenders. This law requires adult and juvenile sex offenders to register with the local law enforcement authority of the city they reside in or, if the offender does not reside in a city, with the local law enforcement authority of the county they reside in.

3-22-2013 The repairs on the walls are now complete. The work was performed in a timely manner and completely within the budget allocated. Frolick Masonry was able to replace the tops of the collapsed walls and also repaired several of the front stonework pieces that had become loose at no extra charge. The "WB" medallions all had to be removed and completely restored. Two of the three medallions had split apart and needed to be sanded down to bare wood, re-glued, painted and sealed and the work should last for many years to come. Thanks to Dan Ernst for taking on the task, at no charge to the Association. Spring has arrived and the flowers are already in bloom. The landscape committee will be meeting soon to present recommendations to the Board for the coming year. The goal is of course to provide a water saving landscape that can stay within the budget of the Association.
Wells Branch remains on voluntary water restrictions. We must all work to preserve this valuable resource, and the best way is designing a water saving landscape. There are several suggestions on our landscape section of the website to make sure you can keep the turf and trees alive and still protect the water resources. Unfortunately, letting the lawns and trees go dead is not the way to go. Dead lawns and landscape remain a violation of the deed restrictions and will continued to be strictly enforced. Water saving options are abundantly available and should be employed to get thru what is expected to be another tough year. The Association does not expect a "lawn of the month" from everyone, but dead and neglected landscape is certainly not an option. The property inspections will continue and reminders sent to violators to repair their landscape.
We all want to live in a neighborhood will can all be proud of and still maintain the property values of our homes!

2-8-2013 The Stoneridge POA Quarterly Meeting was held on Thursday Feb. 7, 2013. The complete minutes will be posted in the coming days. Major items of discussion included the MUD/ Travis County Water and Wastewater construction, in the east Camas Dr. and north Bescott Dr. cul-de-sacs. The connections have been made but the damage to the street and to the fence on Camas Dr. remain. The County is aware of our concerns and the Board will continue to work with the MUD and Travis County to insure the area is returned to appropriate condition. Another item discussed was the need to repair the collapse and failing tops to the entrance walls on Cervin Dr. and Ploverville Dr. The Board consulted four companies for bids to repair three top of walls and reset the WB medallions back into position. Two completed bids were considered during the meeting and contract was awarded to Frolick Masonry, after review of price and positive work references. The work should commence in the coming week or so with repairs completed in 4-5 days. The final repairs should make all 4 walls solid for years to come. The neighbors affected by the repair will be contacted to notify them of construction dates.

Cervin Wall1 Cervin Wall2Ploverville 1Ploverville 2

Cervin Dr. north wall -----------------Cervin Dr. south wall--------------------Ploverville Dr. south wall--------------Ploverville wall Repaired




A "Google Group" has a forum available for any Wells Branch Resident to discuss issues and concerns of our WB neighborhood. Anyone can join this group by sending a request to join to You can add your preferences as to the following
1. No email, just read on the web
2. Abridges, no more than 1 email a day
3. Send each message as it arrives or send messages bundled in 1 email
Remember that you need to belong to the group in order to read it, so email your request today!



Please visit our Stoneridge Crime watch Link of this web site for information on how we can get crime information out to our neighbors
If you or someone you know have been a victim of crime, please contact this website. Together we can make a difference

Welcome to our Web Site. We have tried to put together a comprehensive site with links and helpful information that will assist our neighbors. Please feel free to send suggestions to

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The Stoneridge Residential Property Owners Association was created in 1994 as the Wells Branch Residential Property Owners Association by the developer "Wells Branch Joint Venture". The name was changed to Stoneridge POA in 2002. The Association is maintained by a Board of Directors. The members are all property owners that live in the neighborhood. Our goal is to provide for neighborhood improvements to the Association common areas, and enforcement of the deed restrictions and covenants that protect and maintain the property values of our neighborhood.